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Rules of the Forum

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1 Rules of the Forum on 2012-06-01, 05:04


These are a set of rules I, and the other admins, expect all members to follow. If any of these rules are broken they will result in a warning or a ban. Be warned.

No excessive name calling towards another member. The first offence will result in a 24 hour ban from the chatbox, second offence will be an additional 48 hour ban from chat and a third offence will result in a complete ban from the site. It does not matter where this flaming occurs.
Racism is also not Tolerated.

Pornography is defined as any nudity showing any portion of the genitals of a male or female, or any portion of nipple on a female breast. Vulgar images are defined as any extremely graphic or violent imagery, links to sites containing such imagery, or any expressing of racist or hateful sentiments. You may not post a pornographic image anywhere on the site, or link to a website containing pornographic images. A person who quotes an image/link containing pornography is treated the same as the original poster, as it is reposting the image/link and increasing the chances that another user will be exposed to it. Any user posting this will receive an instant ban from the site.

You may not create more than one account. If we find that this has occurred the multi account will be banned permanently and the original account will be banned for 28 days.

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