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Joehan Retirement Thread!

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1 Joehan Retirement Thread! on 2013-02-23, 03:20


Administrator & The Defenders
Administrator & The Defenders
Joehan Retirement Fred

As the Season ends we bid a fond farewell to a Galaxy legend, the All-Time leading Goalscorer with 61 Goals - Joehan. He has double the amount of goals of any other player to have played in Galaxy over the last 4 Seasons. So here is a history/celebration of this prolific striker.

Season 1

Cheeky near-post shot in the 5-2 HHH win over Fatality

Signed after the draft by opc for the stuttering Hungry Hungry Hax side, things didn't start particularly well for Joehan at the start of his Galaxy career, having to contend with a team which was inactive at times and this ended up with him getting his lowest goals tally to date, with 'only' 7 goals which did get him the title as the 3rd highest Goalscorer in the league.

Goal Tally: 7

Season 2

Very nice lazer with Amunike, against his old team HHH midway through the Season

Discontented by the lack of dedication of HHH, Joehan asked to be traded and after a few teams having interest Night Eyes led by Toast at the time got him from a trade with Blazing as well as first round draft pick. This Season was slightly more successful, but with more in-activeness with the team he wasn't allowed to maybe score as many as he could have, despite linking up well with players such as Amunike. 15 Goals was an impressive tally for a team that came 6th in the table and winning the striker of the Season was an added bonus. He also came 2nd in the Top scorers list, only losing out to his rival for that season fr1sky who got 2 more goals with 17.

Goal Tally: 22

Season 3

hR's best Goal in Season 3, another lazer. This time with fap

So at the end of Season 2 another trade was done for this man-in-demand, with a 1st and 4th draft pick being traded by Haxball Revolution by myself to sign him. And with this being the first team that he had been in with title winning credentials it was not surprising that he started scoring for fun. With his partner in crime fap the start of the Season it was looking like he would finally become top scorer and win his team a title. But in-activeness midway through the Season halted this, and this all but ended his challenge to top scorer. And even despite coming back for the last few games in the Season and scoring a few goals there it was not enough, as he fell once again second in the top-scorers charts this time to opc who got 15 to his 14. Attaining the award for 'Attacking Combination' of the Season with fap might have been some consolation but missing out on Striker of the Season would have been a blow.

Goal Tally: 38

Season 4

Another lazer, this time with jonnyynnoj. I like lazers ok?

In all of the Seasons before Season 4, there was always something in the way of this man's scoring talent but as we saw - given a team around him and games to play, there is no stopping this man. With 20 Goals in the league and another 3 in the cup, it was all but the perfect Season for Joe, finally becoming top scorer and awaiting the end of Season awards to see if he will be crowned Striker (or even player, who knows?) of the Season. That would be added to his title winner forum rank anyway, finally of course winning the league in which he scored so often in. It seems a fitting end for such a prolific career.

Goal Tally: 61


Thanks for reading, and good luck in real life Joehan - see you next week in the summer.

let the adminball commence


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2 Re: Joehan Retirement Thread! on 2013-02-23, 03:34

farewell bruv, goodluck in the future, defo a legend cuz

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3 Re: Joehan Retirement Thread! on 2013-02-23, 04:11

i hope you do one of these when i leave

thank you for your services to this league Joehan and good luck on your future endeavours.

"Haxball Legend" - The Times
"Riveting success story" - The Globe
"A role-model, a hero, a God" - The Guardian
"5/5, truly delivers" - Haxball Magazine
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4 Re: Joehan Retirement Thread! on 2013-02-23, 04:33


Administrator & Eagles United Captain
Administrator & Eagles United Captain
Cya Sad, also interesting who mlf will get as a replacement.


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5 Re: Joehan Retirement Thread! on 2013-02-23, 04:40


cya joe Very Happy

6 Re: Joehan Retirement Thread! on 2013-02-23, 04:47


Eagles United
Eagles United
cya joe gl with whatever ur quittin for Very Happy

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7 Re: Joehan Retirement Thread! on 2013-02-23, 19:59

most useless topic, DIKKE NEK OFWA PÉ ?

anyway, shouldnt describe it has 61 goals in 1 season, and about time you won this league after 4 seasons Suspect

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8 Re: Joehan Retirement Thread! on 2013-02-23, 21:58



9 Re: Joehan Retirement Thread! on 2013-02-23, 23:11


Administrator & The Defenders Captain
Administrator & The Defenders Captain
At last I have no-one to be scared of in Division One anymore Very Happy

Have fun irl

(fuck you sig)


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