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Promised so much, yet delivered so little :(

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Olympikarlos, the peoples team, predicted by many at the start of the season to be the whipping boys, and who could blame them, captain Karl would have to work with a small squad, an inexperienced Jai and Wild and Apple who was unable to play for the first few weeks and eventually the season, plus Karl's ping was always unreliable, it didn't look good.

Fast forward two months, coupled with the signings of Greddy and Arctic, we'd missed out on promotion by the skin of our teeth and were squeezed out of the cup semi final by Infinite Hax, so close, yet so far away.

Captain Karl - Probably didn't get the playing time he wanted due to his teammates being terrified of the site of him joining the field, even though that was the main reason he applied for captaincy, forever frustrating his team mates by being juked frequently in friendlies and failing to come back and help his team defend, was a solid player for us chipping in some vital goals during the season, a truly great captain!

Key moment - Scoring goal of the week against legacy, didn't know he had it in him.
10 Appearances 9 Goals 3 Assists

Vice Captain Greddy - Signed by karl after being defeated in a 1v1 by me (Jai) if he won he went to Game Theory if he lost he joined Olympikarlos, him and Tim Mulder instantly struck up a good partnership, and with Greddy's exquisite finishing, they were deadly. Like Karl, forgot about defending many times, most notably in the crucial defeat to 5 minutes left, standing on the half line while they attacked and scored, scored some vital goals and was a great friend in teaching me how to play!

Key moment - Many would say his breakthrough goal against Legacy, but on a personal note his kind and encouraging words to me when nerves and lag were getting the better of me, wouldn't have been able to time waste without him.
13 Appearances 6 Goals 4 Assists


Season 3 champion Arctic started the season at Hungry Hungry Hax but after his laptop broke and many of his team inactive, he gave up captaincy, after staving off the inevitable offers from division 1 teams he completed the #TeamAbdulla trio, unable to play on his bad laptop, he finally entered the fray while i was away, having a rather bad time and some calamitous defensive misshapes with Greddy, he scored two vital goals against Nordic Lions and helped us bus it to victory, tried his best to play with a bad laptop, but was unable to capture his form from last season, hopefully i'll get to play with you again on your better laptop, you're a great guy!

Key moment-2 two goals against Nordic Lions, smash and grab and then defending like a giant against Aguero10
Appearances 6 Goals 2 Assists 0

Tim Mulder
Originally signed by Karl as a goalkeeper, he flourished upfront scoring bags of goals and probably carrying us for a period of time, a man of few words, either 'lol' or 'cmon' when we messed up, very nice guy and an incredible player, deserved more than to play against division 2 teams and for me to bounce the ball in the corner running down the seconds, would be a brilliant signing for any team to be honest, goals galore

Key moment - Scoring a hatrick against Mystery Lions putting the game to bed.
Appearances 9 Goals 12 Assists 4

Signed while i was working away for a week, his trial was a 1v1 against Gred, every game he played in we won and it was a shame he left when Jai and Gred did after the Hax 365 fallout,Karl never resigning him in the end. Played very solidly in the games he did play despite getting juked by H and scoring an own goal in the win over 365, hoping to sign him again if i get captaincy, huge potential as said by Arctic 'Potential to be UK number 1 gk'

Key moment - Scoring the 5th goal in the win over Mystery Lions, just as they were coming back into it
Appearances 2 Goals 1 Assists 0

Aha this will probably be a-bit biased but whatever, I owe a lot to Karl for plucking me out the dregs of public rooms, i was a little noob and i guess he just saw something in me, bit annoyed that i didn't get to play upfront ONCE but was always willing to play for Karl, put in goal from the first game of the season as Corns ping was just terrible, stayed their until the end with GK leaving the team and Arctics laptop being unplayable, made many errors through the season, but would also like to think i saved our arses a bit as well, was a pleasure playing with all of you, whatever position

Key moment - Ermmm probably just time wasting was the only thing i could do in goal all season, i did it pretty well though ;D
Appearances 9 Goals 2 Assists 6 Cleansheets 2

Tl;dr blah blah i'm a sad fuck i know, but its truly been a great season playing with all of you, wouldnt be half the player am i without all of you helping me, and even though some of us are leaving, i hope we can play together again one day, i love you all I love you

Thanks to Corn, Wild and Song1 for warming the bench in games, really helped

-Jai Very Happy


Jaiii wrote:
Thanks to Corn, Wild and Song1 for warming the bench in games, really helped
-Jai Very Happy

lel, ggs at OL, thoroughly enjoyed playing with you guys, leaving the thought that I myself didnt do enough but it's happened, o well.


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lr16 - Great player always supportive of the team.

Key moment: Scoring a goal which made sure OL don't get promoted.

in all siriousnes very cute team, sorry for not joinin u at the beginning karl, the greed for glory got the best of me

"Haxball Legend" - The Times
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Administrator & Eagles United Captain
Administrator & Eagles United Captain
brings a tear to my eye every time Sad


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<18:17:05> "Gazza": bare dumb

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I was a really good bench warmer..... really good.

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lr16 wrote:lr16 - Great player always supportive of the team.

Key moment: Scoring a goal which made sure OL don't get promoted.

in all siriousnes very cute team, sorry for not joinin u at the beginning karl, the greed for glory got the best of me

cunt xD


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