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Results Predictions: Match Day 1

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1 Results Predictions: Match Day 1 on 2013-03-16, 06:10

division 1

Stream Match (i hate nl being streamed) : Nordic Lions Vs The Defenders: lol we're streamed, so im going with a win for Defenders (NL have had 1 point from 12, in all our streamed matches).

HHH vs NE: HHH win

hR vs IH: Draw (ooo)

EU vs IS: EU win

Fata vs 5ml: fata win

Division 2

Streamed Match:

Olimpikarlos vs Sheep Shaggers: Draw

HP vs PA: HP win

POTS vs Infamous: POTS win

MCX vs GT: GT win

LG vs TG: LG win

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[17:53:37] @ arctic : sig is probably the least fair played captain in da leeg

dance dance dance dance dance dance dance dance dance dance dance dance dance dance
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Div 1

NL Vs TD - Draw

HHH vs NE - HHH win

hR vs IH: - hR win

EU vs IS - EU win

Division 2

Streamed Match: OL vs SS - SS win

HP vs PA - HP win

POTS vs Infamous - Postponement Laughing

MCX vs GT - GT win

LG vs TG - LG win Like a Star @ heaven

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why is no one predictin FT



Started: 12th March 2013

Update: 14th March 2013. CHAT MOD. IT'S WORKING BOYS.

Supporters: Jai, Lr15, arctic, Somalian, Somalian 2, DEVINURDOG
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Nordic Lions 2-1 The Defenders
Hungry Hungry Hax 1-2 Night Eyes
Haxball Revolution 3-0 Infinite Hax
Eagles United 2-0 Mystery Lions
5 Minutes Left 2-1 Fatality

Olumpikarlos 3-0 Sheep Shaggers
Haxpower 0-1 Perfection A
Pirates of the Sea 5-0 Infamous
Macknan whatever 0-3 Game Theory
Legacy 4-0 The Giants

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