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Haxball Galaxy Season 4 Division 2 Review!

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Haxball Galaxy Season 4 Division 2 Season Review!

P.S-I know none of you guys lel won't forgive me for the amount of time i've delayed the posting of this review, but hopefully you will see past this and enjoy the review ! I love you

Written by myself and members of the Haxball Galaxy community we analyse and go in depth of how div 2 in its first season fared and of course how the newly formed teams in this division got on>div 2
Also accompanied with the analysis of the teams are the predictions that were made for the preview of division 2 thumbsup Now lets get on with this review...

Eagles United: Last Season Finish - 1st

Where will they Finish?
Ren - 1st
Giroud - 3rd
GReddy - 1st
Arctic - 3rd

Here we come to the champions of division 2, after a entertaining but heartbreaking game against the defenders in season 3 where they were very fortunate to get relegated after a shocking open goal miss from this season's joint 4th player of the season Suarez#09 and a brilliant planned laser was stopped with a stunning save from Rénbeaudach had sent the very unlucky Eagles down into the newly formed division 2. After dedicated captain AM-99 lost the services of division 1 quality players such as Fabien and Suarez#09, AM-99 had the task to resemble his broken team. He brought in the duo from the surprising Game Theory lr16 and bert. He also brought in the one that rocked division 2 from the moment of confirming on the sign in thread season 1 winner Becky. lr16 had a brilliant season playing with the French lass who both when added together have 31 goals together and 12 assist with Becky scoring 19 of them and getting 5 assists. However in defense they had no trouble either since the man who was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth but was born with something greater, a golden forehead. Despite doubts over Becky's and lr16 defending they had no worries with Somalian 2 making rarely any mistakes and when he did not play you can tell for example semi cup final Eagles United really did miss him. Also with quality and experience players bert, Stevo and season 1 top scorer Luis Nani finishing anything below top spot was of course going to be a disappointment. In my opinion next season if Eagles manage to keep the same trio of lr16, Somalian 2 and Becky they would be up there challenging for the title since it took a lot for Hungry Hingry Hax to beat Eagles United in the cup without Somalian 2, however due to the absence of somalian 2 and lr16 in season 5 I just don't see AM will find good enough replacement and are likely to just have a mid table finish.


Main Man Woman? - Becky - Proved to be a suberb mid for EU and was obviously the breadwinner for the team, the stats say it all: 17 goals and 4 assists, earning her the title of top scorer of division 2.

Dissapointments?- Losing to HHH in the cup semi-finals due to a silly goal put a stain to an otherwise excellent season for EU.

Next Season - With lr16 off to god knows where and returning at round 8, AM99 will have his work cut out on fighting for EU's place in division 1 if they don't want to go down to the dregs of division 2.

Five Minutes Left: Last Season Finish-4th

Where will they Finish?
Ren - 6th
Giroud - 8th
GReddy - 8th
Arctic - 5th

If ever there were an unlikely candiate for promotion at the half season mark it sure would have Five Minutes Left. Stranded at the foot of the table with a pitious three points from their first seven games, and shorn of their two big name signings at the start of the season, fr1sky and ziKo, it was fair to say they were out for the count. Even the mercurial captain Song1 himself departed the team briefly for fellow strugglers Olympikarlos!
However, cue the entry of a pivotal trio of German maestros, who, it has to be said, turned the men in brown's season on it's head. WillYouReallyBeatMe, OmG and Daxter all proved to be very astute signings, Song1 using his hax4Fun knowledge to his best to breathe new life into his campaign, and win after win followed. Eventually 5ML were to be propelled into fourth with a slight slice of fortune coming from one of their previous defeats to 365 being converted into a win, following their own demise, yet full credit has to go to Song1's team for finishing so strongly. -Ren

Main Man? – Song1- Showed great determination to get 5ML up the table and without him and Fire Fist Arse the team would’ve most likely be dwelling in the bottom of the table.

Dissapointments? – The departure of Fire Fist Ace may have a big impact on this team, as he alongside Song1 steadied the team and played a major part in getting 5ML where they are now.

Next Season? - With 5ML being promoted to division 1, the main objective will be to stay up and avoid relegation. There are tough times ahead for this team, judging by the quality of the players that are in division 1, however with their german players they may just stay up by the skin of their teeth.

Criminalz: Last Season Finish-6th

Where will they Finish?
Ren - 3rd
Giroud - 1st
GReddy - 2nd
Arctic - 4th

Drafted in as one of the new teams by a player called Rene (no not that Rene) under the pretence that they had been playing together in Lithuanian leagues, they turned up using alias’ to disguise thems. They were an excellent team, well drilled and were highly expected to challenge for the title, but alas after some cracking first games including a 2-1 win over Nordic Lions, they decided to disband saying they knew eachother in real life and had decided to stop playing Haxball, they later turned out to be Division 1 YeS pros. So the captaincy was given to Blizaaard who signed a few decent players, DeStorm, Toast, Aldizzle and Baset, they never really got the chance to gel and practice and were soundly beaten on a few occasions and they were definitely not helped by the wayward captaincy of Blizaaard who played in public rooms and refused to join his team to play with them, eventually giving up captaincy and disbanding them. A case of what could have been really with Criminalz running Hungry Hungry Hax ragged in the cup with the YeS pros, everyone was scared of them, but it quickly fell apart, shame.

Main Man? – Destorm-The Frenchman was arguably the most active player under the captaincy of Blizaard and brought them crucial goals in matches such as OL :<

Dissapointments-The team’s lineup at the start was solid, and they arguably could of walked away with the title had they not fallen apart, and so it can only be wondered what this team could’ve or should’ve achieved

Next Season-They died Sad

Hax 365: Last Season Finish-8th

Where will they Finish?
Ren - 5th
Giroud - 4th
GReddy - 6th
Arctic - 2nd

365 are a team with bags of experience playing together and with them setting foot on galaxy soil they turned heads and word got round. 365 , the first UK haxball league had a team in Galaxy ! The team had a few familiar faces-sparegoal,BB, doogie- all experienced players and of course Laz-*Cue Jeremy Clarkson Voice* some say he’s one of the best UK players to grace Haxball. However, it seemed that it weren’t to be for this rather interesting team, activity issues and causing a ruckus pre-season and over a match vs OL the cracks started to appear, with them seemingly being inactive. Alas, the inevitable occurred, and due to IRL things getting in the way the team disbanded, with them given deflosses for all of their matches. -GReddy

Main Man? - sparegoal – Was the main goal scorer for their team and earned them valuable points, a shame that the team couldn’t carry on as he could’ve challenged for the title of top scorer in division 2

Dissapointments?-Not completing a season and maybe not setting a good impression of what 365 is and was.

Next Season-U wot m8 they died bruv

Nordic Lions: Last Season Finish- 2nd

Where will they Finish?
Ren - 2nd
Giroud - 5th
GReddy - 4th
Arctic - 1st

Having made the seemingly earthshattering signing of aguero10 pre-season, amongst others, it looked as if Nordic Lions would be strolling to an inevitable promotion and Division Two League Title. However on the season's opening day signorelli's men were forced to take off their rose-tinted glasses as they were turned over by a well drilled Criminalz side.
After then losing to Eagles United and stuttering to a lacklustre draw with Legacy, it looked as if it was all about to go farcically awry for the Nords, but once the rolexx-aguero10 axis beame a regular feature in the side, they began sweeping away all comers, including a 5-0 drubbing of the Eagles in their return fixture, though they were disappointingly dumped out of the cup in the first round.
Although not quite enough to cath Eagles United in the end to win the title, it was sig's two Slovenes who won out in the end, and although Lloyd Banks, CR7 and Javier often turned in neat performances when called upon, it will surely be those front two who will be carrying the most threat going into Division one next season. -Ren

Main Man? - aguero10 - The captain of Nerdlucks in the YeS Bundesliga brought NL’s goals and played a major part in the position NL achieved

Disappointments?-Some would say that their team on paper should’ve walked away with the title, and with inactivity issues they failed to achieve this and thus failed to live up to their hype

Next Season?-NL will be hoping to put behind their rather embarrassing performance last season and make it in division 1. Activity issues linger though, and with division 1 being no walk in the park they will have to step up their game to get the top positions

Mystery Lions: Last Season Finish-3rd

Where will they Finish?
Ren - 4th
Giroud - 2nd
GReddy - 3rd
Arctic - 7th

Finally free from the chaotic captaincy of Giroud, Mystery Lions will be hoping to settle down abit in Division 1, lets not act like Giroud was all bad, he made some great signings and if he wasn’t so antagonistic their division 1 team could have been brilliant with Season 3 division 1 winner Breeezy, former Nerdlucks player Duce and Jappo, it all looked so good until Giroud was banned from the league. It wasn’t all plain sailing however with many changes being made throughout the season, players leaving through the fear of being cut or just simply not turning up. At the start it did look good though with Belgians Tiboo, Fella, Wesc and Barlex in there, the team had the basis of a solid promotion challenge but after chopping and changing it looked as it they would just fall short but saved by the YeS pros and Breeezy rather saved him from getting egg on his face, as it was a embarrassing campaign to say the least. The players he signed were very good players, Son of Anarchy, went on to finish 3rd with The Defenders, Tiboo and Fella qualified for the Champions League and Cup finalists with Infinite Hax and both Breeezy and Duce are in Division 1, good team, bad leadership. -Jai

Main Man? - got a good amount of goals and despite his erratic captaincy, was the only one to contribute all through the season

Disappointments? - leaving it so late to get promotion and being knocked out of the cup in the first round

Next season - stay up, snm.

Olympikarlos: Last Season Finish-5th Crying or Very sad

Where will they Finish?
Ren - 8th
Giroud - 7th
GReddy - 5th
Arctic - 6th
Olympikarlos whom at the start of the season promised so much in Karl's innovative idea of bringing in friends who had really good chemistry with each other and halfway in to the season it was looking like it was working. Until the fakin signing of arctic(ggnore). After the halfway point things seemed to have gone sour and their 2nd spot position was soon declining and then ended up fourth, on the brink of promotion, however everything went down to the last gameday and sadly they did not prevail against Eagles United < fakin kants.
TimMulder who had been a clinical striker scoring _ goals and even providing assists, their main man in my opinion. Karl himself who has improved a lot as a player from the beginning of the season and has proven a team of decent players can still do good in such a competitive league. The side man GReddy who has always been there for games being a good source of attack and defense, providing stability. Jai, the welsh fag who has been played as a Goalkeeper throughout the whole season due to Corn only coming back towards the end. I think Jai will really prove himself next season due to him not getting the opportunities of playing outfield. The later signing of Arctic(messed up le teem) was a surprising signing and if only his laptop wasn't messed up I'm sure he would have had a say in Olympikarlos' destiny however due to him not being able to play at his full ability it was a loss for the whole team. The later signing of Corn was an intelligent signing however didn't see much of him and didn't make much of a difference.
A team that promised so much is mostly leaving to go their seperate ways which is quite a loss, however if anyone can pull in good active UK players and build a good team spirit it's Karl!

Main Man? - it has to be said it was karl, may not have been the best player down to goals and assists however contributed well and led his team to heights most weren't expecting.

Dissapointments?-Their failure to get promoted to div1 was quite sadenning as they came very close

Next Season?- From the looks of his lineup at the moment, promotion may be a step too far however welcoming smithy and stabs to the league, I'm sure their players who will be good given time and games and will hope to put up a fight in the race to get promoted

The Legacy : Last Season Finish-7th

Where will they Finish?
Ren - 7th
Giroud - 6th
GReddy - 7th
Arctic - 8th

Captained by MGK, The Legacy had a decent squad preseason. However, they ran into a few problems with their first few games with Swaqie (l0l) having to GK as noob their main GK being in Cyprus. Their campaign at the start didn’t go well, with them struggling to get points, with it finally culminating in the retirement of captaincy of MGK who passed captaincy to Swaqie. From then on their situation slightly improved, with Swaqie bringing in the belgies in the form of iKevin and Drieet to add to crib$. However, it was obvious that all the problems had not been ironed out, with the team failing to jel together and activity issues starting to creep. Swaqie however was determined to see the team through and although they achieved a meager 7th place the potential that this team is there and from the looks of their pre-season lineup they can only come back better and stronger. -GRed

Main Man? - Swaqie –Carried on when the going got tough and was determined to play no matter what the score line was (see OL vs TL cup game pfff ) Captain of the season in my eyes I love you

Dissapointments? – Activity issues impacted the team dramatically with some matches them fielding 2 players and hence played a major part in their league position.

Next Season?-Fix activity issues and maybe get some experienced forwards in, so they can start gaining points and get up that table Wink


All in all, the league's first season in its two-tiered format provided some highs and of course some lows and in my opinion can only get better, looking at the preview of division 2 next season seems that this division will hold some surprises , especially with the addition of 4 new teams.

Thank you to all to took part in division 2 and anybody who had a role in it, cos you know, where would be without you lot eh? Bring on Season 5!

P.S-Get me out of neg rep pls Crying or Very sad or else ill fuck u up ):<

loveJU: there is always someone better dan u
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