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Hiiiii :D

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1 Hiiiii :D on 2012-06-26, 03:31

Hi Smile i'm Silva' ( but i prefer slv ) , i'm 17 years old , and i'm a french player Smile. Nice to meet u <3.

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2 Re: Hiiiii :D on 2012-06-26, 03:39


Administrator & Eagles United Captain
Administrator & Eagles United Captain
Welcome to galaxy,
Heard your a really good 1v1 player Very Happy


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<18:17:05> "Gazza": bare dumb

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3 Re: Hiiiii :D on 2012-06-26, 04:22

Yes i am Very Happy

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4 Re: Hiiiii :D on 2012-06-26, 09:01

HI BRO Very Happy enjoyyy <3

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5 Re: Hiiiii :D on 2012-06-26, 09:08

Hey Silva


<23:50:31> "Casper07™️1": no joke fab if i saw u i would chuck u infront of a car

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6 Re: Hiiiii :D on 2012-06-26, 09:20

PAKIIIIIIIIII <3 Hi Fabien Smile

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7 Re: Hiiiii :D on 2012-06-26, 17:26

sup silva, welcome to galaxy and enjoy your stay Wink

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8 Re: Hiiiii :D on 2012-06-26, 23:24

welcome 2 galaxy What a Face

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9 Re: Hiiiii :D on 2012-06-27, 00:02

Thanks dudes Very Happy

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