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1 Haxball. on 2013-05-14, 04:22


Administrator & The Defenders
Administrator & The Defenders
''Oh look mlf posted a thread.''

''Oh ok.''

''No it's one of the good ones that he spends hours on and gets no credit for.''

''Thought he stopped doing those.''

''Nah he's got 1000 posts.''

''Lol what a loser, link me though it sounds good.''


Sometimes reflection is one of the best things you can do, to blindly go through things without looking back means that you do not learn. So to reach a milestone such as 1,000 posts on a forum maybe it's time to wonder how that could have happened. People often bring it up in arguments that this is but a flash game and of course this is true but to think about this more deeply you just have to think - why am I here?

To hear stories about how people find out about Haxball is interesting, for such a niche game sometimes people come across it in the weirdest of ways. If you are reading this (which you obviously are) then you are within the top percentage of Haxballers in your respective country (unless you are Ren or something), because as Haxball has such a low player retention rate that thousands upon thousands would have played the game certainly in the UK alone.

<22:22:22> "Rénbeaudach": fort he retired
<22:22:41> "mlfaijati": ye i say dat like every day
<22:22:41> "Rénbeaudach": no-one ever does
<22:22:47> "mlfaijati": hes got more active than he was i swr
<22:23:01> "Rénbeaudach": haxball is the ultimate ex girlfriend

We often see retirements but none of them really stick, eventually everyone always comes back. This whole environment is an addiction and from the outside it is really weird. So going back to what I said before, why are we all here? Because we all are competitors. Despite what anyone says we are here to win, nobody likes losing and despite how high and mighty people act when it comes down to it, we're all fighting for the same thing. Haxball by itself is not enough for us all to be here, it is but a league that keeps us here.

And for some this is it.

Haxball Galaxy, the premier 3v3 League in the UK - you could argue we're the largest English speaking UK league in the whole of the world. For something that great to come up out of the ashes from something such as Hax920 it is remarkable in a way.

Currently the 3rd International CC tournament is happening, only once a year do all of the Haxball nations within playing distance compete against each other and that time is now, a year from myself really that I started playing in competitive leagues and despite how this post is about Haxball in general I think I do reserve the right to remember this is 1,000 posts for me.

Going back to the competitive part I said, I would like to celebrate all of the great teams in our past. It is a shame that they all mostly are in the past though, Quick Swans aren't really with us anymore but it seems fitting that around this time the old IH side of Season 2 - the dominant IH side, the great IH side - would reunite once more. And how could we forget the unbeaten HHH side of Season 3, the 3 of arctic, Breeezy and Moe were yet another rags to riches story. Of course the hR side of last Season, fending off even the amazing HHH captained by Jenzo and spearheaded by Rooney1878. With there being talk of a foreign player limit and a lot of unrest in terms of the UK community it was fitting to see 4 UK players be the victors of them all.

Winners all have something in common, they have a drive - a special something in them. The winners are the ones who want it the most, the ones who have a vision. Winners don't contemplate losing. Some don't even contemplate conceding. And when they do lose, they come back from it stronger than ever. So if you ever feel as if you can't just remind yourself that Haxball is a funny old game in which everyone is equal. I hear too much people being scared of individuals but they're just a circle, same as you. It is heartening to think that anyone can become the best, whatever you define the best as being.

But then there is the other side, the game is just for fun surely? Despite how we dress it up winning or losing we come out the same. Which is why in the pursuit of victory you should not forget the fun of haxball. You see too many teams filled of people who could not care less, who would want to be on a team with people like that? Why play with mercenaries instead of your friends? If the only thing you gain is personal satisfaction then why make it not personal at all?

Our time in haxball is numbered, we will not be here forever so why waste time with it? Go out and improve, nobody got good without playing a lot. The UK national team play against Georgia today, what's stopping you from being in the team the next time the CC comes around? If you don't have a dream then why even be here, it's not just because you can't escape but maybe you aren't a winner, maybe the desire isn't there. Nobody is born a winner though, the title is earned not given on merit.

The legends of a bygone era, what's stopping you from being a great? Because as Paddy once said, You can take a man out of Haxball but you can never really take haxball out of a man. The biggest regret you can have is not not being a champion, but not giving it your best, not furfilling your potential.

The post may have confused you but there is some good stuff in there, if you can pick it out. It's what I try to go by on my pursuit of winning. So with that all said and done, who's up for a game of hax?


I probably could have done a bit better but I only just realised I'd hit a milestone - so apologies.

Thanks for reading regardless.

- mlf

let the adminball commence


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(there was 1 match where i was lagging badly so i'm not counting it in my stats)
(also this is only league games coz >cup)

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2 Re: Haxball. on 2013-05-14, 04:50

it was nice reading this, but i must object you have removed my @ in that picture Suspect scratch

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3 Re: Haxball. on 2013-10-05, 06:26

l0l bare replies

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4 Re: Haxball. on 2013-10-05, 07:35


The Defenders
The Defenders
wtf is this

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5 Re: Haxball. on 2013-10-05, 08:56


fap wrote:wtf is this

loveJU: there is always someone better dan u
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