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Suggestion; to create an European league of Haxball of 2v2?

It's a good ideas ?

45% 45% [ 5 ]
55% 55% [ 6 ]
Total Votes : 11

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Hello to all,
Since a few days, an idea trots me in head; why not to create a league of haxball of 2v2?
It could not hurt the community Haxballienne, and I am also going to propose the idea in the France, Polish, German, Greek and the Italian leagues.

Say here of what you think of it


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There is ESL for this kind of thing.

Dont see people comitting to a 2v2 league as much as they would to a 3v3/4v4 league.

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Administrator & Eagles United Captain
Administrator & Eagles United Captain
exactly, we might have a 2v2 tournament, but not a league not a lot of people really like 2v2 league.


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Yeah true Istanbul, and the thing is that not much people are playing 2v2.


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not 2v2 , 3v3 or 4v4 is good

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