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Feed Me 3v3 Cup

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1 Feed Me 3v3 Cup on 2012-07-14, 21:28

han joelo

Sign up here: http://haxballishungry.forumotion.co.uk/t2073-3v3-cup

During the first half of the feed me season I will be organising a 3v3 Cup, set to finish by mid-September.

Not everybody will take part though as some teams may not want to, so if you want your team to take part sign up here. If there isn't enough interest I will not do the competition.

Both Feed Me and Galaxy teams are invited to this tournament, so we'll have a nice inter-community tournament going. Of course players who play for FM and galaxy teams who sign up will have to choose which team they want to play for.**

Not only this, feed me have been invited to a 3v3 Champions League run by Chillmaz (some feedme players play in the first edition with foreign teams) so the people who do the best in this cup will get the qualification places for it (this includes Galaxy teams)

** Please note: If you are a captain of a galaxy team AND a player on a feed me team, you can still sign up your galaxy team to this, considering your feed me team will have 7 other players or you can still give your galaxy players the opportunity to play

Sign up here: http://haxballishungry.forumotion.co.uk/t2073-3v3-cup

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2 Re: Feed Me 3v3 Cup on 2012-07-15, 01:53

no point of fatality joining, 3 of us are in PPM anyways Smile

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