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Season 6 | Matchday 7 | 31/07/13 - Results and Replay Submission

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Post the result of your match in the following format.

1) Score -
2) Haxballtube Replay -
3) Statistics -

Nominate goals for the 'Goal of the Week' competition by putting '***' after the goals you wish to nominate. Nominating a goal does not guarentee it will be included in the video.

Post statistics with replay times, no in-game times pls.

We award Clean Sheet stats.

We award assists for own goals.

'bout it i fink

gl hf


Division 1
Haxball Revolution v The Legacy
Hungry Hungry Hax v Get Lucky
Perfection A v Game Theory
Sheep Shaggers v The Defenders
Pirates of the Sea v Eagles United

Division 2
HaxPower v Team Swift
Macknan Chex-x v Fatality
Malaga CP v Blue Wolves
Overdose v Adminton Stanley
Noodle Squad v Olympikarlos

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Defwin vs Defenders sfe


All Inclusive
arctic wrote:Defwin vs Defenders sfe

safe arc

<22:02:26> "Witsel1": guys a cunt and aint even that good simple as that
<22:01:05> "Witsel1": all ur fault
<22:01:06> "Witsel1": tbf
<22:01:09> "Witsel1": welsh cunt
<22:01:12> "Witsel1": hate him so much
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HaxPower 1-2 TeamSwift


0-1 [1:47] Enjuto****
1-1 [2:15] Lee
1-2 [7:53] Taylor Swift <3


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five mins left vs hhh
1-0 - og socrates - 7:50 ---- socrates was claiming this was lag goal and because it was his host and i got second opinions from other people i am going to keep this goal.
2-0 willyoureallybeatme (eriksen) ** - 8:25
2-1 huub (smurf) - 11:05

sorry socrates :/

OT: If you don't mind could you add the eagles united win to the table please, luck says he won 1-0 vs eagles and it says so on the fixture but still got 0 points on table.


Administrator & Eagles United Captain
Administrator & Eagles United Captain
Eagles United 2 1 Pirates of the seas
Gold Roger 0.49
Becky 1.07
pro 1.30

GG no assists i think,


<18:17:05> "AM-99": bare dumb
<18:17:05> "Gazza": bare dumb

Eagles United
Goals 17
Assist 13
Cleans Sheets 2
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EDIT: Been told malaga have been given emergency summer wildcards, so can we have some wildcards as well seeing as half my team wont be here for the next two weeks? either we get 2 weeks of wildcards or we take the defwin. not trying to be rude, just want the same treatment. cheers.

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Can you explain more coherently please, you've just made no fucking sense pal.

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Noodle Squad - Olympiakarlos ( game was wildcarded by ol i fink and we played today )
[2:00] Milik ( Progamer )
[5:02] Milik
[5:22] Karl OG ( Milik )
[6:49] Progamer ( Milik ) **
[7:05] Progamer
[8:11] Progamer
[11:25] Torres OG ( Progamer )
Cleansheet Niang

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Perfection A Captain
Perfection A Captain
Perfection A 3-1 Game Theory


[4:45] Witsel (Assisted Aidan) ***GOTW***
[5:45] Aidan (Assisted Witsel)
[11:45] Witsel
[12:55] OG - Witsel



- Captain of Perfection A -

- Season 5 : Finished 3rd in Division two -
- Season 6 : Finished 4th in Division one -
- Season 7 : Finished 1st in Division one -
- Season 8 : Finished 1st in Division one -

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Malaga CP (Haxzauber)= 7 v Blue Wolves= 2

http://www.haxballtube.com/watch/dc006ece08 This is first half. Second half rec wrong deleted = D but you can ask to Blue Wolves score and thanks for much for fair play to Blue Wolves

3.29 goal rambo asist no

4.07 best fair job

and second half replay deleted
3 goal trickzzz 3 goal rambo


<3 Haxzauber <3
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