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Haxball Revolution Disband.

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1 Haxball Revolution Disband. on 2013-10-04, 07:10


Administrator & The Defenders
Administrator & The Defenders
Not that this was news.

One of the things that I really regretted about ARRIBA! disbanding in FM was that we disbanded when we reached our lowest point in our history. It seemed sad to deface such a great club like that. Which, naturally brings us on to hR, a team which I always saw in parallel to ARRIBA!; always being british, always being at the top...

We bid the league a fond farewell with our heads held high, coming a very respectable 2nd in our last Season here. This rounds off what I think is a nice record, in pseudo Manchester United style in the last few years even. In our 5 Seasons in Galaxy we have finished 2nd, 2nd, 1st, 1st and 2nd. Maybe like United though, this record may have not be upheld much longer...

Accumulative Record:
Played: 82 | Won: 49 | Drawn: 26 | Lost: 7 | Goals For: 191 | Goals Against: 58 | Goal Difference: 133 | Points: 173

Sure there were better teams, more fluid teams, more attacking teams; but the key to hR's success was consistency. And in haxball leagues maybe it is more how consistent you can perform at the highest level which is what gives you titles. You could say it showed, with hR being the only team to win 2 titles, consecutively as well...

From humble beginnings we came, and I wouldn't delve into the deep history now but I think that a truly great team kinda has to come from public rooms. It is a nice transition to come from a public friendly team into something serious like a league. Developing with your team in such a way is an enriching experience...

A team should also be with friends, I feel like winning any other way would be pointless (full thoughts reflected here) and the feeling that comes with winning in such a way is unparalleled in a haxball scheme of things. Not to belittle the idea of a league or anything of course but at the end of the day there is no material achievement of winning a haxball league and you only really are left with the memories...

When I looked back at the team of the last few Seasons I asked myself, if I could play with any 3 players in haxball - who would I choose? And really, I could never look past Dooms, Jonny and Joe in that respect. And even prior, the 3 musketeers to coin a used phrase of Casper, Fabien and I...

Looking back on it, I would say that hR was my favourite team ever to play in; when it came to the crunch I always cared about results with the team more than any other. I guess I was just lucky that I was able to have this experience with such players that I did...

Despite how I'm making hR seem like something of my own, this is really far from the truth. Casper founded the team - well him, Fabien and I did together really - and when the baton was passed to me I had the pleasure of having such loyal players that they became as part of the club as I was. Running parallel to football once again in some respects, you could say that loyalty is a rare virtue in hax and to be able to depend and rely on your team, with consistent great performances as well as being there for most if not all games was something I think any captain can be eternally grateful for.

Below I guess are personal shoutouts:

Casper: The guy who took on the job no-one wanted. Like I said before he was the glue that held us when we were all inexperienced and vulnerable. A great guy who I've been playing with in pubs even before hR (or even SS) ever was, it felt like we came up from obscurity together and we were as one in defence.

Fabien: I always saw the raw talent in you, at peak one of the best in the business at scoring, and with the likes of me and Casper in the team you had to take that job on by yourself and you did that impeccably. Sad to see you inactive now.

fap: Brought the level of hax of the team up greatly, I never was really good enough to play the way you wanted us to but your contribution and consistent great play (which earned you player of the Season no less) in just one Season is much appreciated.

Joehan: Off in Oz now, but what can I say - the most skilled natural attacker I've had the pleasure of playing with. Another major contributor to my progression as a player, without your goals throughout your time at the club we wouldn't have been nearly as good. Always active and always good for a laugh it was a great experience to play with you.

jonny: Made me look good for a whole 3 Seasons. When I was talking about consistency earlier I think that you were the epitome of this. Turned up for pretty much every game and gave your all to each and every one, the key to the extended domination of the team, it felt like certain victory when you were in the stating lineup at times. There was never a game in which I thought we were going to lose when with you carrying me.

dooms: Another player who I feel like I've progressed with, it's basically like having another captain figure in the team with him. The most dependable of players with activity and consistent performances with sublime defending, we may have the best understanding out of anyone I've played hax with really. The unsung hero of the team in some respects, what you may lack in sheer goalscoring volume you made up for with excellent performances to help the overall goal of the team, which is admirable.

It may be a shame that we fell at the final hurdle and lost the Cup Final in our last game but really, I didn't find myself too disappointing at the result, just contented that the hR journey was over. The legendary French side 5F too bowed out on a loss, albeit in a more high profile match but maybe a fairtail ending isn't meant for all.

The comprehensive 'History of hR' will be updated soon, when I get enough time and motivation.

So I guess that's the end of the line, it's been a blast but good things always have to come to an end, and that end is here.

I guess all I can do is pop the cork and Schumacher the Champagne:


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let the adminball commence


Haxball Revolution:
Played: 71 | Conceded: 42 | Clean Sheets: 41 | Assists: 12 | Goals: 3
Won: 41 | Drawn: 25 | Lost: 5
(there was 1 match where i was lagging badly so i'm not counting it in my stats)
(also this is only league games coz >cup)

The Defenders
Played: 12 | Conceded: 18 | Clean Sheets: 3 | Assists: 3 | Goals: 1
Won: 3 | Drawn: 4 | Lost: 5

One Game Wonders:
Eagles United: Lost 1-0 vs FAT
TeamSwift Drew 1-1 vs GH
TeamSwift Lost 4-2 vs EU
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2 Re: Haxball Revolution Disband. on 2013-10-04, 07:12


All Inclusive
should've quit as champs

ggs man

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3 Re: Haxball Revolution Disband. on 2013-10-04, 07:40


Haxball Veterans Hospice

loveJU: there is always someone better dan u
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4 Re: Haxball Revolution Disband. on 2013-10-04, 09:01

liek if u cryd crying 

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5 Re: Haxball Revolution Disband. on 2013-10-04, 09:03


tl;dr negd

6 Re: Haxball Revolution Disband. on 2013-10-04, 09:04


The Defenders
The Defenders
good read, good team, good games. wp

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7 Re: Haxball Revolution Disband. on 2013-10-04, 21:31

like the guy in team, hard team, HG=HR
<3 all person like you


<3 Haxzauber <3
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8 Re: Haxball Revolution Disband. on 2013-10-06, 09:31

Its quite sad leaving the team u cap for soo long, the decision u took i am sure u thought of it very well Very Happy


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9 Re: Haxball Revolution Disband. on 2013-11-10, 22:59

gg's thumbsup 


<23:50:31> "Casper07™️1": no joke fab if i saw u i would chuck u infront of a car

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