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Season 7 Preview.

Who do you think will win the title?

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1 Season 7 Preview. on 2013-11-04, 09:29


Administrator & The Defenders
Administrator & The Defenders
Haxball Galaxy Season 7 Season Preview!

It has been a while since I have done one of these then. In my opinion the most interesting Season for a good while, Season 7 is one of the most hotly anticipated in Galaxy history.

So by popular request, here is my take on what is to come in the coming months...

Eagles United
Last season finish - 3rd

One of the few sides which remain since Season 1 of Galaxy, the ever changing side of Eagles United has managed to retain some familiarity after a decent draft for captain AM-99. The combination of first round draft pick Becky and (later to be traded from TeamSwift) second round Gazza are reunited and have Greddy (or Enigma l0lwut) coming back from a playing hiatus in Galaxy to provide apt cover for what should be the starting attacking pair. However it is in defense as it was last Season which poses some doubt for the team. From what I have seen Helios is a great GK, but questions over his longevity as a player could prove a problem. Backup GK Apple is an OK player but maybe a lack of confidence or big game experience will hinder him from performing to his very best. The final member of the squad, Hulk is in my opinion an underrated player but I don't see him fitting in the team very well - but I can easily be proved wrong. Due to his team being somewhat inactive last Season, AM-99 did get more gametime than he normally does and maybe he will be called on again to plug gaps in his team. Overall, the team certainly contains some skilled players and as usual it will come down to activity to determine how well they do. Their potential starting lineup is very strong and for one Gazza is looking as good as ever from what I have seen of him of late.

Main Man? - Woman* - Becky is the most skilled player on the team and as it has been for the last 3 Seasons it will be down to her to be the lynchpin of the team.

One to Watch out for - Helios, a 3v3 team lives and dies by their GK and I can see him being one of the best in his position this Season.

Where do I think they will finish? - I can see them finishing anywhere near midtable really - I'm going to be optimistic for them and say 4th.

What do other mortals think?

Ren - 8th
arctic - 8th
AM-99 - 3rd
fap - 3rd

Perfection A
Last season finish - 4th

On paper, the most stacked team in the draft. But haxball isn't played on paper. One of the main advantages for Perfection A going into the draft is how much of a good player Witsel is in his own right, with him really shining in the 3v3 format in midfield. He made sure not to have the problem of last Season being the lack of solid GK (how could anyone forget the abuse he gave to juve throughout last Season?) by drafting 3 natural GK's no less. englaro, the first pick for PA played for them last Season and no doubt he is a very good player - being a Slovene international and having played for lots of top teams around Europe. Furthermore, the signing of Zerothree in the third round will boost the team as well. Far and away the best dutch GK, I think that he will provide somewhat of a different Goalkeeping approach than engalro, with his attacking skills in my opinion trumping the Slovene's. One of only 2 UK players drafted, ☮ ☆ noob ☆ ☮ it appears won't be getting much gametime but I think that he is a steal for the 6th round - he's a much improved player from the recent performances I've seen from him. In an attacking respect, Witsel has done well to acquire the services of German International Rooney1878 and aside any macro allegations he is a great attacker and should he form an understanding with Witsel they could well fire PA to the top. Rounding off their squad, dale12345 is a great technical player, but I think his inactivity problems will hinder his chances with the team, and finally allrounder Eriksen will only be used at backup (if at all) with his ping problems getting in the way of his skills as a player. On the flipside though, you always see a team that looks really strong going into the Season (think HHH, think IH, think GT) and ultimately fail to reach the hights they should. Unfortuantely, I think that this time around it might be PA. While having European superstars in your squad looks good in theory, when it comes to putting the points on the board week in week out I think that their inactivity will be root of failure for Witsel. Saying that though, whatever team they put out they will remain competitive and if they do manage to get their strongest team out often they will take some stopping. Due to the nature of 3v3 and how chemistry is less important than maybe the 4v4 format, the approach taken by Witsel could work out for him and PA.

Main Man? - Witsel, maybe not the best player on the team but you can count on him playing every game and this will make him vital to their success.

One to Watch out for - englaro, he didn't get to show exactly how good he was last Season - maybe this time around he will show why he was picked in the first round.

Where do I think they will finish? - I think that they will have a great start, but will just fall short - 2nd.

What do other mortals think?

Ren - 2nd
arctic - 3rd
AM-99 - 2nd
fap - 2nd

The Defenders
Last season finish - 6th

With naho gone in the first pick of the draft, maybe Ren had to re-evaluate what the plan for the team was going to be. But looking at the squad now, it's hardly surprising. He is reunited with old compatriot Breeezy who will add the attacking spark that is vital against the tough defenses that his team will face this Season. Breeezy is complimented by Ren's other half SEBA (Radu to you peasants) who will add yet more attacking awareness and skill to the team. On the defensive side, he has Casper07 who GK'd in the cup run which saw them be victorious in Season 5. These 3 he has worked with before, but the other 3 are new additions to the TD franchise. Stevo is quite an experienced player these days, playing with ACDP in FM has done him the world of good and he has good attacking skill with fluid passing being his main strength. Arshivan is probably the 'potential player' who Ren will hope to work with this Season, after coming out of the pubs he does have a good understanding of the game already and will only get better. Finally, Bra complete the 7 man squad. He is a player not to be underestimated, making the dutch national team but maybe his commitment to the team can be questioned and with 5 other active players to choose from I doubt Ren will be picking him to play very often. Ren himself is a horrible haxballer, so hopefully he won't play himself too often. With a strong UK base to the team, they can be optimistic going into the new Season and their activity should bring them to the top half of the table. A challenge for the title may depend on a certain other player joining the ranks however, as The Defenders have had a strong squad in previous Seasons but always seemed to lack something to let them have a title challenge.

Main Man? - Breeezy, their first draft pick for good reason - one of the best on his day.

One to Watch out for - Casper07, could be employed as their main GK, so will be pivotal to their success.

Where do I think they will finish? - As long as Ren doesn't make any managerial .gifs (fr1sky DM r0wf) then they should get Champions League. 3rd.

What do other mortals think?

Ren - 3rd
arctic - 5th
AM-99 - 7th
fap - 7th

Game Theory
Last season finish - 9th

The resurrection of GT looked to be off to a good start, with Paddy and AP13 reunited to share captaincy of the team. But with Paddy's retirement in the last few days there are some question marks over inactivity - the same thing which plagued the team last Season. On paper though they are still strong, with the Swedish maestro naho sticking out above the rest as their leading light going into the new Season. AP13 is a solid player, and despite the ping issues is a great GK. Tim Mulder is a great player, after an inactive spell he may be a bit rusty but he may strike (pun) a good partnership with naho. lr16 is another who was at the club at its conception in Season 3 and he is another player who has had a long break, but once again he is a good striker. And wouldn't you fucking know spare_goal is another good striker, but his activity could be a bit questionable and maybe not playing for HP as he had been the last few Seasons may demotivate him. As it says in the channel description, mase is there as a mascot, which is a nice touch. The burning question here though is activity, the notion of AP13 wanting to give the late Paddy co-captain implies that he thinks he may need some help running the team. You could also argue that even if he does turn up for every matchday, that it may not be enough as they could come unstuck against teams which are more practiced. spare_goal could act as GK cover but I think they do need to sign another GK with their free squad place if they really want to be competitive this Season. It is a shame though, GT is a much loved team and they do have the players to do well, but it just might not come together for them.

Main Man? - naho, hands down. Carried Ren for 3/4 Seasons and may have to do the same here.

One to Watch out for - AP13, watch of for if he joins TS that is. He honestly will be the difference in terms of being a captain and a player for GT.

Where do I think they will finish? - I'm going to be harsh, but I think that activity will be their downfall this time around. 7th.

What do other mortals think?

Ren - 4th
arctic - 10th
AM-99 - 10th
fap - 4th

Last season finish - 1st (Div 2)

The favourites for many, and for good reason. They set Division 2 alight last Season and have retained the same starting 3. Captain Te][o who was topscorer in Division 2 last Season was shrewd with his picks, retaining his GK Xherdan Shaqiri as well as his strike partner Patrick Ebert. Their 2nd round pick was a surprise with wildey being chosen to meet half of the minimum UK player requirement. The other half is made up from Eastwood, the last draft pick. Seemingly inactive but maybe Te][o sees potential in him. Their squad is rounded out with Suarez#09, who has been in the Dutch national team for a while and is a very good passing GK who can add to the squad well if he is dedicated to the team. But I think that their title chances will ride on the availability of their starting 3 as even though their backup may be capable in terms of individual skill, it will take a while for the squad to integrate with players who haven't played together before, and from their activity on TS I don't see much practice going on. However the combination of Te][o and Patrick Ebert is one to be reckoned with and certainly their chemistry with Xherdan Shaqiri behind them is excellent. I think that when other teams may hit troubles in the Season that Overdose will be consistent with their results, which is the main reason why they'll be up there 'till the very end.

Main Man? - Xherdan Shaqiri, you can't really replace a GK like him in a team - he'll have to turn up for almost all games.

One to Watch out for - wildey, an improving player, and being from the UK he'll be vital to Te][o's plans.

Where do I think they will finish? - They'll either win the title or it'll be very close. 1st.

What do other mortals think?

Ren - 1st
arctic - 1st
AM-99 - 1st
fap - 1st

Last season finish - 2nd (Div 2)

Taylor Swift overall did have a good draft, signing experienced players to make a relatively strong and active team. Poels is actually a very excellent player, he plays with the very best back home in Spain and this skill Taylor will be hoping will be carried through here. Fred is the greatest haxballer to ever have existed also. Niang is another solid attacker with a good understanding of the game. Cam_Sampbell was a good servant for the team last Season as an allrounder. Taylor Swift himself is a deceivingly good attacker as well. Questions over Blizaaard's activity still linger, although he is a technically very skilled player who may step up to the task this Season given the right conditions. The elephant in the room is me though, as I had handed in a transfer request 5 days before the Season start. This leaves Taylor Swift without a natural GK for now at least, and only time (hurry the fuck up i swr) will tell about who will be the man to replace me. With such an active squad the problem may arise over squad selection, as I don't think Taylor Swift will be contented sitting on the bench for the whole Season this could be a good or a bad thing for the team. A downfall of the team you could argue is that while all of their players are good, there isn't really a proper standout performer that will be a 'match winner' when the going gets tough.

Main Man? - Poels, the most technically skilled on the team

One to Watch out for - Blizaaard is probably the least established of the players, I guess he could go either way for the team.

Where do I think they will finish? - Looking at the current situation this is, as you can only talk on a whim about potential signings, atm I don't see them finishing high at all. 9th.

What do other mortals think?

Ren - 9th
arctic - 7th
AM-99 - 8th
fap - 6th

Last season finish - 4th (Div 2)

>>>>>logo resolution

I'm not really sure what to make of this team. They have somewhat of a disappointing campaign last Season, with the team crashing out in the Quarter Finals of the cup and coming 4th in a relatively weak Division 2. This time round they have an improved squad in my opinion. 3 Spaniards join captain KaLaJaN, namely Jairo, Oliver Atom and Kope. Jairo of course, being the man who got 18 goals for the team last Season in Div 2, only being outscored by Te][o. Added to this, KaLaJaN signed the three times Galaxy Division 1 winner dooms and veteran GK Aaron to meet his minimum UK player quota. Finally, Monkey D. Ruffy (niklas17 ofc) rounds off the team well, being the excellent allrounder he is. KaLaJaN will be hoping that without captain responsibilities niklas will play more freely should he break into the first team. Overall, I think the team is very solid with dooms and niklas himself being great defensive players off the ball. dooms certainly has proven that he is one of those players who is used to winning anyway, with him only losing 1 game in the league in 5 Seasons playing in Galaxy. Questions do remain over whether the non-Spanish players can integrate into the team, and indeed the overall activity of the team as from what can be seen from TS they haven't been nearly as active as other teams. Maybe as well KaLaJaN's own ability in GK could be questioned after last Season not going totally to plan, although he certainly is a good attacking GK to say the least.

Main Man? - Jairo, will be looked to to score most of the goals.

One to Watch out for - dooms, does what he does effectively. He may find himself in a more defensive role than he was employed at hR, which he could thrive in.

Where do I think they will finish? - Mid-table unless they hit any major activity problems, could easily secure a Champions League spot. 5th.

What do other mortals think?

Ren - 6th
arctic - 2nd
AM-99 - 4th
fap - 9th

Last season finish - 5th (Div 2)

Déjà vu. An unsurprising draft from Jds, bringing together the group of players which served him well for the past however many Seasons for HP, Ajhax or whatever name they are playing under. Jiminy Cricket and bert are both great players and formed the 3 with Jds that played most of last Season in Galaxy. As ever, their defence is formidable and certainly the combination of Jds and Jiminy up front can get goals. In the league you could argue that they have underachieved in Divison 2, but their win against Overdose (the only team to stop them from winning in League and Cup last Season) shows that they should not be underestimated. juventino returns having left the team a few Seasons ago to provide competition and backup to bert, with him arguably being the better offensive player. Lee is a great attacker himself and I'm sure Jds will be hoping that is he active this Season so he can maybe link up with Jiminy should they need to get goals in a game. The squad is rounded off by new additions toffee, who is a solid player and fits the HP mold and the dutch striker Logitech who personally I don't rate but he could do a job for Jds' men. I think their main strengths will be familiarity, activity and solidity as on paper you have confine them to the bottom half of the table. But as teams hit problems with activity expect HP to gain a few spots in the table. They do have to break out of their 'shell' though if they want to challenge for the Champions League spots though.

Main Man? - Their players at all at a similar skill level, but Jiminy Cricket will probably be playing the most games for HP.

One to Watch out for - juventino, berated by Witsel last Season - he is an excellent GK on his day and could be carrying Hax Power if he displaces bert in net for them.

Where do I think they will finish? - Bottom half, but won't be getting beat week in week out. Mid-table maybe if other teams slip up. 8th.

What do other mortals think?

Ren - 9th
arctic - 6th
AM-99 - 5th
fap - 8th

Noddle Squad
Last season finish - 7th (Div 2)

The team that everyone is condemning to last place, do I agree? Well, in some ways yes. First with the positives though: Perkins is an excellent GK who on his day is one of the best in Europe, nevermind Galaxy as well asRachel is an experienced player who plays with Perkins in SL in FM of course, so there will be a good base to the team provided both of those players are active and combine well. On the other hand though, despite an apparent good defense - I just don't see where the goals are going to come from. Aidan is inactive (and bad), Bacca is a good Belgian attacker but also lacks activity and maybe even commitment to the team if his activity in the teams ts channel is anything to go by. Skjöld is a potential player, given the right tutelage then maybe he can be a solid player for the team but I don't really see it happening. Giggs, also from RFL has not really shown what he can do on the 3v3 stage, but I don't see him playing too many matches for the team. Finally, captain Milik has been inactive of late but is an improving allrounder who could have to provide the team with some of its attacking force. One problem with the team could be a lack of definition in terms of positions, with most players being able to play anywhere. Conversely though, this could be seen as a positive and could even employ a fluid rotation system. That would take time to perfect though, and when push comes to shove activity is what wins in the long run and due to this I don't see them finishing too high. With Rachel and Perkins having lots of connections for potential signings though I could be proved wrong.

Main Man? - Perkins, will have to carry from GK like he did for ARRIBA! at times - best player by far.

One to Watch out for - Rachel, certainly knows how to hax and 3v3 you could argue is her forte.

Where do I think they will finish? - Bottom half certainly, if they do come last like everyone is predicting them then I don't think it will be an embarrassment. 10th.

What do other mortals think?

Ren - 10th
arctic - 10th
AM-99 - 9th
fap - 10th

Gash Hounds
Last season finish - N/A

So the last team in this preview, and I don't think anyone expected this from Maverick. With only LEF being drafted (after a trade of Apple even) from his native FF.net forum a very different squad from the HaxLeague team of the same name has been assembled here. The standout name of course is first draft pick fap, a former UK international player and arguably the best midfielder or even overall player in the draft. The team really has been built around him, with his partner in crime from last Season Ferry being drafted to complete a formidable strikeforce. However, the rest of the team isn't as strong. With the quack/jonny incident the team was left without a main GK, but after signing Locke they do look to have someone who is solid at least. Olof and Koekiemonsterx both are inexperienced and will find it hard to get games in a competitive Division. Maverick also is not a very experienced player, which kinda cuts the squad short - only having 4 players who are capable of holding their own. I think though their success may be down to whether they can secure a GK who can play to the passing style that fap and Ferry were used to at Sheep Shaggers with Jai behind them. They seem to be quite active, which is always a bonus for a team as they should be have good understanding from the first game of the Season. Whether Maverick can keep fap from retiring would be interesting, lets not forget he got bored playing with the nations best (and deer) (and Aidan) (and me). Also he will have to keep Ferry active if he wants to stand a chance of making the Champions League spots.

Main Man? - fap, will have to carry like he did for hR in Season 3 for Gash Hounds to finish high.

One to Watch out for - LEF, a very good player considering the time he has been playing (from what I know), could be the difference between a top or bottom half finish.

Where do I think they will finish? - Depends on who they get to GK really. Midtable I guess. 6th.

What do other mortals think?

Ren - 5th
arctic - 6th
AM-99 - 6th
fap - 5th


Thanks for reading as always, and thanks to Ren, arctic, AM-99 and fap for predictions at short notice. By the looks of things, they either have no idea what they're on about or this Season is going to be a surprise for all of us.

Cya at the midway point.


let the adminball commence


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2 Re: Season 7 Preview. on 2013-11-04, 09:31


Well, it was worth the wait, repped thumbsup 

loveJU: there is always someone better dan u
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3 Re: Season 7 Preview. on 2013-11-04, 11:06


Gash Hounds Captain
Great preview, these kinds of posts add a bit of gravitas to the league.

mlfailjati wrote:The elephant in the room is me though, as I had handed in a transfer request 5 days before the Season start

With the quack/jonny incident the team was left without a main GK

I think though their success may be down to whether they can secure a GK who can play to the passing style that fap and Ferry were used to at Sheep Shaggers with Jai behind them.

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4 Re: Season 7 Preview. on 2013-11-04, 18:51


Eagles United
Eagles United
nice read

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5 Re: Season 7 Preview. on 2013-11-07, 04:51


Gash Hounds Captain
mlfaijati wrote: First with the positives though: Perkins is an excellent GK who on his day is one of the best in Europe, nevermind Galaxy as well asRachel is an experienced player who plays with Perkins in SL in FM of course, so there will be a good base to the team provided both of those players are active and combine well
You can now add these two to our positives. #Maverinho

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