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Leaving Hax - Eastwood

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1 Leaving Hax - Eastwood on 2013-11-08, 10:52

Yo all, I'm the annoying cunt who never stops typing in rooms if you don't recognise me Embarassed 

Basically i won't go into too much detailsssss, but iv'e recently got a mech engineering apprenticeship and just won't have the time to train/ make matches or be on regularly like I was doing!

I've been on hax for a while now back when me italia and that played and its been pretty sick and made some weird mother fucking friends (Skjold the swedish meatball ).

Gonna end it on some people who's always been on or in the rooms I'm in or just generally been nice and helpful; Taylor Swift, Gazza, AM, Gred, Paddy, Jds, k999, and a few more little kunts8) 

Anyway i might pop on every now and again but I guess I ain't got time for haxball anymore but i'll cya all around woooooo


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2 Re: Leaving Hax - Eastwood on 2013-11-18, 20:51

WTH where my name u little pss oof crap.

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3 Re: Leaving Hax - Eastwood on 2013-11-19, 04:45


Administrator & Eagles United Captain
Administrator & Eagles United Captain
Cya mate, never really got to reach your potential and show everyone how good you really are.
Good luck with your apprenticeship.


<18:17:05> "AM-99": bare dumb
<18:17:05> "Gazza": bare dumb

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4 Re: Leaving Hax - Eastwood on 2013-11-19, 05:31

Easty!!! Sad
Had an amazing time playing with you and a great lad :DD
Good luck with ur apprenticeship! Hope to cya around :p

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5 Re: Leaving Hax - Eastwood on 2013-11-19, 09:34

He left over a week ago, and is only being mourned today.

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6 Re: Leaving Hax - Eastwood on 2013-11-19, 15:26


still dont know who he is

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7 Re: Leaving Hax - Eastwood on 2013-11-21, 06:30


Starlights Captain
im leaving as well


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8 Re: Leaving Hax - Eastwood on 2013-11-27, 03:36

Finally... piss off Perkins.

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