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Galaxy News - Week 1 & 2

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1 Galaxy News - Week 1 & 2 on 2013-11-10, 07:01


Night Eyes
Galaxy News - Week 1 & 2

Round 1 - Monday 4th November

Overdose 4-3 Eagles United
A surprising result. The favorites this season, Overdose were predicted to dominate this match. Eagles united performed well this match. Struggled in the first half same as Overdose. However, in the 2nd half things started to get hot. 2 immediate goals by Overdose leaving Eagles united hopeless. Good performance by both teams.
Noddle Squad 1-3 Fatality
2 strong teams. Game was fairly similar to Overdose vs Eagles united. Not much happened during the first half. In the first minute of 2nd half Jairo (Fatality) managed to score. After that goal Fatality managed to score another 2 goals where 1 of them was a really unfortunate one. Noddle squad managed to pull off a honor goal (Aidan).
Haxpower 3-1 Defenders
Right off the bat, Haxpower were dominating. Jiminy Cricket - Lee combo looks really promising this season. The Defenders were forced to play 3 def from the start. They were not strong enough to hold off a minute without loosing a goal scored by Lee. Soon after that, even Hax Power Goalkeeper, Juventino managed to grab a long shot goal. Logitech failed under pressure and scored an own goal but soon after, managed to get a goal.

Gash Hounds 1-1 Team Swift
The controversial and idiotic captain of Gash Hounds, Maverick strives to do best. He managed to get himself a experienced team. Team Swift of course is also good. Fred (Team Swift) was unfortunate to deflect the ball past mlfaijati. Team Swift scored an equalizer quick enough though.

Game Theory - Perfection A 
- Postponed-

Round 2 - Wednesday 6th November

Fatality 0-1 Overdose
A fair score in my opinion. Both teams are really solid all around but Overdose have that a little bit more (Wildey). When the clock hit 2 minutes until the end of the game, it got real. Patrick Ebert (Overdose) managed to hit the ball to the far post, KaLaJan was unfortunate in that one. 

The Defenders 3-0 Eagles United
Roles changed. Eagles United looked very strong after that first game vs Overdose. On the other hand The Defenders did not perform up to their standards. Right off the top, The Defenders managed to score 2 goals in a space of 2 minutes. After that, Eagles United looked strong at the top and dominated whilst The Defenders were stuck on their side. After Apples mistake however, Stevo managed to end the game 3-0.

Perfection A 17-3 Noddle Squad
 I'll keep it straight. That was a shit performance by Noddle Squad captained by Milik after a fair score vs Fatality. Not much else to say really, score says it all.
Team Swift 0-0 Haxpower
2 solid teams facing each other. It was definitely an interesting game worth watching. But if 1 of the teams would score it would add that spice to the game. All in all, great performance by both teams and also, a fair result on behalf of both teams.

Gash Hounds 4-0 Game Theory
First half both teams had their own chances, it was not a 1 side game for sure. Shit went down in the second half. Gash Hounds scored their 4 goals in a space of 4 minutes, so basically 1 goal each minute which is pretty good. Game Theory fought until the end however, big props to them.

Here are the results and a short description for each one of them. Besides the results of the games, there has been changes made for the majority of the teams, here they are:

Gash Hounds signed Locke, but soon after was traded (alongside Keokiemonsterx) to Noddle Squad for Rachel and Perkins. Maverick should be really proud of that trade, unless Rachel and Perkins will just become inactive.
Now that Locke is the captain of Noddle Squad, he traded inactive Skjold for Olof from Gash Hounds. A fair loan considering Olof is really active and dedicated.
There were a few more trades and changes, however, they were made before Round 1. But here they are.
Poels (Eagles United) for Gazza (Team Swift)
LEF (Eagles United) for Apple (Gash Hounds) thank god
Lastly, AP13 appointed Pad to be a co-captain, unfortunately, a few days after that Pad left from leagues.
Going to leave it here, if you want me to talk about something else make sure to respond and ill write about them in the next Galaxy News - Week 3 & 4.
Thanks for reading.

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Administrator & Eagles United Captain
Administrator & Eagles United Captain
A great read, ty for posting.


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