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1 awards on 2014-02-09, 20:17


Eagles United
Eagles United
Because we're all aware how busy ren is with... things I figured I'd share my light with the forum:

WHY NOT just have little icons that apply to all seasons? A little golden football for best player of the season, a boot for top scorer etc etc...

this way, we would not require the photoshop guru ren to step it up at the end of each season and any other admin monkey could just add them to each account as pertinent.

what do you think

(the only thing motivating me to make this posts is love towards everyone deserving)

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2 Re: awards on 2014-02-09, 22:15


All Inclusive
i could kiss you mr spain

<22:02:26> "Witsel1": guys a cunt and aint even that good simple as that
<22:01:05> "Witsel1": all ur fault
<22:01:06> "Witsel1": tbf
<22:01:09> "Witsel1": welsh cunt
<22:01:12> "Witsel1": hate him so much
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3 Re: awards on 2014-02-11, 03:50


Perfection A Captain
Perfection A Captain


- Captain of Perfection A -

- Season 5 : Finished 3rd in Division two -
- Season 6 : Finished 4th in Division one -
- Season 7 : Finished 1st in Division one -
- Season 8 : Finished 1st in Division one -

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