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Season 8 Ending.

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1 Season 8 Ending. on 2014-05-09, 07:26


Administrator & The Defenders
Administrator & The Defenders

Er well,

So that's the end of the Season. Here goes some housekeeping:

- Thanks for everyone ending the Season when it is supposed to, this is like the first time we've done this in Galaxy since like Season 3.

- Awards voting (and I would assume Goal of the Season also @ AM-99) will be out as soon as Te][o and Maverick give me their nominations, probably on Saturday.

- After awards are all done we'll then do the Check in for Season 9 and trims etc.

- The gap between Season 8 and 9 will most likely be a little longer than it normally would be due to exams and that, we're undecided if we'll hold a cup between us and BeNeLiga in that time. Expect Season 9 to start sometime in June, around the latter end of the month.

- Draft signups will be open in a few weeks, after trims etc are finalised.

- Sometime around then we'll decide on new teams, expect the amount of teams competing in Galaxy to be anywhere from 8 to 12 next Season - it really depends on who wants to carry on with captaincy.

- Season 9 of course will be during summer, which means that inactivity will probably plague most teams. I've thought about this and we should be able to work out some things to make the Season run more smoothly. One of my current ideas will involve postponements, and it is very likely that we will increase the Wildcard quota for all teams.

I think that's it, good Season and congratulations to Perfection A for winning the title for the 2nd Season running.

let the adminball commence


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(there was 1 match where i was lagging badly so i'm not counting it in my stats)
(also this is only league games coz >cup)

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2 Re: Season 8 Ending. on 2014-05-09, 08:42


All Inclusive
3 titles in a row snm

go get the 4th mad

<22:02:26> "Witsel1": guys a cunt and aint even that good simple as that
<22:01:05> "Witsel1": all ur fault
<22:01:06> "Witsel1": tbf
<22:01:09> "Witsel1": welsh cunt
<22:01:12> "Witsel1": hate him so much
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3 Re: Season 8 Ending. on 2014-05-09, 09:03


Perfection A
Perfection A
Maybe one more

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4 Re: Season 8 Ending. on 2014-05-12, 05:48


Administrator & Eagles United Captain
Administrator & Eagles United Captain
Yeah, going to upload gotw 8, will be out today, 9 and Postponed after next monday because I got an exam on wednesday and then one on monday so i won't have time to make the videos, GOTS will be out after next week monday to after I make the 9 and postponed games one so yeah.


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<18:17:05> "Gazza": bare dumb

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