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Beneliga Searching Galaxy Teams

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1 Beneliga Searching Galaxy Teams on 2014-05-19, 05:07

Hey guys,

Beneliga season 4 starts 8 of July.
We decided to throw away the foreigner-limit overboard.
Thus, you can have players from all country's in your team (max amount of players is 7).

We are striving to have 16 to 20 teams next season, and I'll give priority to UK-teams. As the host is not far away etc.

Whoever who, finally, wants to compete in the Beneliga, now's the time to apply your team: http://www.haxtrick.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=3846#p3846

Games are Tuesday and Thursday 20 CET (which is 19 UK-time).

Anyways, good luck!

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Administrator & The Defenders
Administrator & The Defenders
thats a mistake imo, but good luck

let the adminball commence


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(also this is only league games coz >cup)

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mlfaijati wrote:thats a mistake imo, but good luck
HaxFederation is merging with Beneliga. Although having so much teams in the league over the summer might not be perfect, I still think it won't be a mistake to do so. Anyways, we'll still try to keep it a fun league, despite it being possibly less active (due to the summer).

More info:

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Jaja goeie post barlex!
De galaxy-admins zijn gwn jaloers op de beneliga...

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