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Hello I am almunia10!

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1 Hello I am almunia10! on 2014-08-17, 11:15

Hello I am almunia10, I'm not going to say my real as I like to go by my in game name because I have swag! Nearly after year of quitting this game after my computer became slow, it's now okay and I get 76 ping in rooms again which is awesome (if this game ruins my computer again I will scream, and be extremely annoyed and angry).

About me, I am 19 and I play as a goalkeeper... well I try to but I suck xD... I would like to be a second choice goalkeeper or maybe first choice goalkeeper if your targets are to be relegated (does this league have a division 2?) or finish bottom of division 2.

The reason I've signed up to this league is that I really cannot be bothered to play 4v4, I just want to play for fun... and 4v4 is a bit too competitive for a video game (you would expect the players would be getting paid, for how much they take it seriously... I too tbh), and 3v3 is a fun format to play and it doesn't really matter if you win or lose.

For my username I am a very bad goalkeeper even when I was in my prime I was average on a good day, and I make a lot of mistakes which has increased as I'm now extremely rusty. This is why I chose my username to be Almunia, added to the fact that I support Arsenal, and for 10, it's my lucky number as I was born on the 10th. xD

 radu  <<< P.S 10/10 I would bang!!!!!!

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2 Re: Hello I am almunia10! on 2014-08-17, 11:23

At least gimme a trail!

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3 Re: Hello I am almunia10! on 2014-08-18, 14:06


Gash Hounds Captain

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4 Re: Hello I am almunia10! on 2014-08-18, 22:01


Administrator & The Defenders
Administrator & The Defenders
its signorelli by my best guess

not even joking

let the adminball commence


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(also this is only league games coz >cup)

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