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1 macro on 2018-01-18, 07:49


originally posted by mlf on admin forum

Yes this again.

With dat ting Gred posted I anaylsed some Haxball replays of Rooney1878 and this is what I found...

If you want to check anything I found then feel free to use this: http://fm-haxball.co.uk/tools/dumper/ to check.

Exhibit A:

http://www.haxballtube.com/watch/ceeee2bc62 0:33 - 0:37

See the amount of 0.05? The only times when it wasn't a 0.05 gap between kicks was probably when jonny was kicking the ball. Keep the 0.05 figure in your head.

Exhibit B:

http://www.haxballtube.com/watch/4fc7bfdfaa 4:24-4:26

Well wouldn't you know it? Keep 0.05 in your heads still.

Exhibit C:

http://www.haxballtube.com/watch/f921a8c2ed 8:22-8:25

Much less consistent, due to other people interfering with his spam, yet still that 0.05 figure comes up...

Exhibit D:

http://www.haxballtube.com/watch/2c37550af6 7:50-7:55 and after that to about 8:12.

Wonder why hR conceded that goal from the cross still?

Now I'm sorry, but this: http://www.vidup.de/v/3pwv7/ is not that fast and is not that consistent. And if he didn't macro then why did he feel the need to make a whole video about it?

Just to show that not all spam is 0.05 between kicks here is a goal from hesur in Season 3:

http://www.haxballtube.com/watch/0965148638 9:15-9:20

Good 'ol random numbers isn't it?

I urge you to find more evidence of this, I'm sure this isn't it. Just use that tool for any match which Rooney is playing in and just look at the amount of 0.05's regadrless, something has to be going on here.


Thoughts below.

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