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1 Retiring. on 2012-09-06, 07:03

Hello guys.
So yeah, im retiring from haxball, the reason why im retiring is because i got uni coming and im not going to have much time.
Im going to visit website sometimes but yeah i just want to say Thanks you to everyone, for playing with me against me, it was alot of fun, and i hope we will play again. ( Gonna Miss you guys )
Later in maybe month or more time im going to comeback Smile so good luck to eveyone and yeah bye <3 Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Surprised


<23:50:31> "Casper07™️1": no joke fab if i saw u i would chuck u infront of a car

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2 Re: Retiring. on 2012-09-06, 07:04


awwwwwwwwww NOT

Dont come back :P


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3 Re: Retiring. on 2012-09-06, 07:04

Sad Good luck at uni man COME BACK SOON Sad

[17:36:47] Arctic : QEZO ur team is represented by your teams colour 17:36:54] Arctic : brown shit
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4 Re: Retiring. on 2012-09-06, 07:12


Sad bye will miss you good luck in uni <3 come back soon

5 Re: Retiring. on 2012-09-06, 07:14


kAoS: try to play fast naho
kAoS: ^^
naho: shut up
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6 Re: Retiring. on 2012-09-07, 07:29


tried making him change his mind ffs Sad

I guess... NO MORE.... #CASBIEN Crying or Very sad

CASBIEN will always be in my heart mate dw <3

hope u come bak <3 xoxoxo

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7 Re: Retiring. on 2012-09-16, 20:56


All Inclusive
lol only the bubblehax fags commenting

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