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Ohaider - It's Kouki :D

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1 Ohaider - It's Kouki :D on 2012-10-04, 04:51

Well, a few of you may have seen me around, so I guess I finally decided to sign up - this seems to be the place that I've heard most about (along with fm), and also seems to be home to some of my recent haxball 'friends'.

Little bit of history:
->First played: June 2012
->3 Month Break
->Started Playing end of this September

So that's me - see you guys soon Smile

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2 Re: Ohaider - It's Kouki :D on 2012-10-04, 06:04

Welcome To galaxy !


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3 Re: Ohaider - It's Kouki :D on 2012-10-04, 06:56


ello kouki Very Happy

p.s nice avatar Smile

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4 Re: Ohaider - It's Kouki :D on 2012-10-04, 18:10


Administrator & Eagles United Captain
Administrator & Eagles United Captain
Welcome to galaxy,
Season starts this monday and then after 2 weeks you can sign up to the free agency and captains are free to sign you.

Good luck.


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