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The reason of the resigning of Song.

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I didnt want to open this thread, but after talking with some players, Im gonna do that.

TI vs Fatality

We tried to play in F1's host, but it was laggy, so we finally played in a neutral host. (Ren's host)

1st half ended with 0-0 and rolex raged because he said that it was laggy.

We waited him to come back like 10 minutes, and then, we restarted the match


18:40 and above.

This goal was annulled claiming that F1 was typing. But he had the chance to write 3 sentences, and then, move.

They claim that F1 was typing, and didnt know if that was a lag test (wtf, a lag test in the 2nd half, same host?)

That's unfair.

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Song1 pls dead


<23:50:31> "Casper07™️1": no joke fab if i saw u i would chuck u infront of a car

39 goals.  Neutral
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All of this looks so professional, seriously, keep doing it. Good job! /sarcasm


Signed with: Night Eyes
Games Played: 1
Clean Sheets: 0
Goals Suffered: 4
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Position: Goalkeeper
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To be honest admins shouldn't of took that goal away. It was Song1's choice if the goal stood. However in good spirits he should of but he decided not to and was defo wrong of the admins. (shit tier admins :P)

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