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S3 Matchday 9 - November 5th 2012 - Haxball Revolution vs Hungry Hungry Hax

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Administrator & The Defenders Captain
Administrator & The Defenders Captain
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As we came up to the half-way point in the season, it had been plain sailing for Hungry Hungry Hax so far. Undefeated in their eight games with just eight goals conceded, and before their game with Eagles United earlier in the day, they had won every single one of their matches. A win in their streamed game, it would therefore seem, would put them in an almost unassailable position at the top of the table.
Haxball Revolution despite predicted to be strong title challengers were some way off the blisteting pace HHH had set, yet mlfaijati's team would give the apparent champions-elect one of their most exciting games yet, with HHH being left sweating right to the wire.

Right from the get-go it was obvious HHH were struggling, even if it was hardly due to the raw performance of any of their players. Despite appearing fine before the regulation lag-test, French midfield maestro Plank was having a significant issue with his connection, often leaving his team effectively a man down. For long stretches of play, hR were able to keep the ball in their opponent's half with consummate ease, Dooms amd fap often combining well to provide an attacking spearhead. Neat passing presented one of the best chances of the half to Dooms on two minutes, though his shot was fired rather sorrily wide.
Still, hR managed to continue to pile on the pressure, and broke the deadlock midway into the fourth minute, though in rather unfortunate circumstances for Breeezy, his attempted clearence falling straight back into an advancing Dooms who slotted the ball past him for his fourth goal of the season.
The one positive of from the HHH point of view was that it did allow the entrance of Knucklez to replace the ailing Plank, who despite defending valiantly really couldn't offer any of his usual trickery in offence. After the change, it was clear that the league leaders were looking more cohesive, and they even managed a few forays of their own into the hR half toward the end of the first period. As it was though, Revolution were carrying a well deserved lead into the final five minutes, and looked to have the best chance so far of inflicting a first defeat of Breeezy's team.

As the second half began, it became apparent that hR were going to be doing almost all the defending, looking content to sit on their one-nil lead. In a complete reversal of roles from the first period HHH began to press Revolution into their own half, though perhaps not looking quite as dangerous as hR did. Their players were content just to hold the ball up and let time trickle away, with Dooms as time-waster in chief, often pressing the ball into the corner to frustrate Hungry Hungry Hax.
The fact was though that goalkeeper and captain Breeezy was being allowed a lot more time on the ball to pick his passes and eat up territory, with his adversaries often all to happy to stand off him. Particularly in the last two minutes of the half, when his passes were beginning to hit their marks, HHH were looking threatening, even Breeezy himself came close with a shot in the ninth minute.
With one minute left on the clock, it was backs to the wall for Haxball revolution, Knucklez firing two fierce shots at mlfaijati which called out his good positioning. The hR stopper pulled out another great save from a 2v1 situation, despite moe providing a good pass for Knucklez, he was able to swoop down and deny the HHH striker a third time, and from then he surely must have been thinking that his team would see out the final thirty seconds.
But perhaps when mlf was resting on his laurels, the equaliser was to come just seconds later, Knucklez passing the ball up to Breeezy who supplied moe to finish with precision, scoring another cruical goal for his team to secure the point annd keep his team's unbeaten record intact.

The draw wrapped up a day with was interesting in that it may have just shown a couple of potential cracks in the HHH unit, hR unlucky to be breached after ovver nine and a half minutes of solid defending. The result though still kept HHH eight points clear at the top of the table, and will certainly be seen as a handy point for Haxball Revolution as they look to secure their Champions League spot.

MAN OF THE MATCH - Breeezy - An accomplished preformance from the back, and grew into the game despite the early setback; by the end his passing fluency was simply masterful.

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Administrator & Eagles United Captain
Administrator & Eagles United Captain
Good read Very Happy
need more of these ren
Good job keep it up

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Administrator & The Defenders
Administrator & The Defenders
Always nice to have these back again.

but ur all priks

let the adminball commence


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Love reading this thnks ren x

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all i do -
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k guna read the whole thing now

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