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HKF Search player

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1 HKF Search player on 2013-01-08, 11:57

Yeah I don't know if I can post such a topic here, but had2gamble. Feel free to delete or lock if you wish. HK Flamingo are a team currently in the Feed Me League, which is the longest running league in the UK. The format is 4v4, which I imagine for quite a few of you to be a new, unheard of format, but the style of 4s is a lot of fun and more diverse, we reccomend you try it (not in uk pubs). Anyway lets cut to the chase.

Hello members of Haxball Galaxy Community. We are searching one outfield player (NOT A GOALKEEPER) to play for us at HK Flamingo, a team who are playing in the Feed Me 1st division. The player must be:

Mature - (no raging, calling people noobs, flaming etc)
Active - Active in our channel on this ts adress -
A player that fits in with our playstyle

We would like to offer the chance to UK players because after all, this is a UK league, but anyone can participate. Just be active and commited to the team. To sign up for a trial, just post in the thread that you would like a trial. We aim to start the trials at around Wednesday 9th January and we aim to have picked a player (providing we get applicants fitting the criteria) before Sundays game. The decision will be made by huub and I. If you are succesful in your trial we will contact you. inb4rolex

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3 Re: HKF Search player on 2013-01-09, 02:54


Administrator & The Defenders
Administrator & The Defenders
No problem with this, in fact signing upcoming UK players should be encouraged, well played hesur!

let the adminball commence


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(also this is only league games coz >cup)

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4 Re: HKF Search player on 2013-01-11, 09:23


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